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Nikon Cfi

Nikon CFI Plan APO VC 20x Air 0.75 NA UV Enhanced Microscope Objective 1501-9398


Nikon CFI Plan Apo 20x 0.75 DIC N2 ∞/0.17 WD 1.0 OFN25 Microscope Objective


100x CFI Nikon Plan 1.25N.A. Oil Immersion Objective Fits most 160mm Microscopes


Nikon CFI Ph1 DL 10x 0.25 Infinity Phase Microscope Objective


Nikon Microscope CD DIC Nosepiece Slider for 20x CFI Plan Fluor


Nikon CFI E Plan 40x MRP70400 Objective


Nikon E2-TB Microscope Binocular Head Eclipse Pair 10x CFI 18 Eyepieces


NIKON LV-TT2 Tilting Trinocular Microscope Head With Nikon CFI 10X/22 Eyepieces


Nikon 25mm CFI Mirror Objective Fluorescence Shutter ? Eclipse Microscope


Nikon Eclipse CFI60 LU Plan EPI Microscope 20X/0.45 A ∞/- Objective Lens


Nikon CFI Ph2 DL 40x 0.65 Infinity Phase Microscope Objective


Warranty Nikon CFI Plan Apo VC 20X Air 0.75NA UV enhanced Microscope Objective


Nikon CFI Achromat P 100X Oil Objective


Nikon CFI Plan Apo 60X/1.40 ∞/0.17 WD 0.21 DIC H Oil Objective : Great Condition


Nikon Plan APO 100x /1.4 Oil NCG ∞ CFI Eclipse Microscope Objective




New Nikon S Plan Fluor 60x 0.70 ELWD CFI 0.1 - 1.3 WD 2.6-1.8 objective


Nikon CFI Plan Apo 20X/0.75 Ph2 DM [infinity]/0.17 WD 1.0 Objective MRD30205


Pair of Nikon CFI 10x/20 Microscope Eyepieces, Top portions


Nikon Microscope Objective CFI LU Plan APO BD 100X MUC40900


Nikon CFI Plan Apo 40X/1.0 ∞/0.17 Ph3 DM WD 0.16 Oil Microscope


Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 20X/0.50 DIC M [infinity]/0.17 WD 2.1 Objective


Nikon CFI Plan Apo VC 20X Air 0.75 NA UV enhanced microscope objective


Nikon N 4x 0.2 Plan Apo Lambda Eclipse CFI Microscope Objective Planapo E400 50i


Nikon Microscope Objective CFI LU Plan ELWD BD 100X MUE60901


Nikon Plan FLUOR 50x i-HeNe EPI ELWD ∞ CFI Helium-Neon Microscope Objective


Nikon CFI E Plan 40x/0.65 WD0.65 Eclipse Microscopes Objective


Nikon Plan APO 60x Oil Ph3 DM Phase ∞ CFI Eclipse Microscope Objective


Nikon CFI M25 microscope objective to M52 52mm adapter


Nikon CFI 10x/22 Eyepieces Eclipse E400 E600 E800 80i 90i Ni-U Ni-E Microscope


Pair of Nikon CFI 10x/22 eyepieces


Nikon Microscope CFI Plan Fluor 20X/0.50 OFN25 DIC N2 Objective MRH00201


Nikon CFI 10x/22 Widefield Eyepieces / Oculars for 30mm tubes


Nikon CFI Plan 4X/0.13 DL Phase Microscope Objective160mm Optiphot Labophot ++


Nikon CFI Ph1 DL Phase LWD 20x 0.40 WD 3.0 Infinity Microscope Objective


Genuine Nikon CFI45 Microscope Screw In Nosepiece Dust Caps, Covers Set of 4