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Plate Shaker

VWR Digital Micro Plate Orbital Shaker CAT NO.12620-926 with Timer 8" x 11" Top


Scientific Industries SI-4000 Multi-Microplate Micro Plate Genie Shaker Mixer


Lab Micro-plate Shaker Digital Oscillator Rotator Shaker AC110V, 60Hz


Lab-Line 4625 Titer Plate Shaker Rocker with Holding Clamp


Barnstead Lab-Line Titer Plate Shaker Variable Speed Timed 96-Well Mixer 4625


wallac Delfia plateshake microplate plate shaker Model 1296-002 10" top


Barnstead Thermolyne Lab-Line Timed Titer Plate Shaker 4625


-Barnstead Lab-Line Titer Plate Shaker Model 4625 Variable Speed/Time 120V


Zynaxis microwell/microtiter plate mixer/shaker


UltraCruz Shaker with 4 position micro plate platform, 100-240V, A Plug


Heidolph Titramax 1000 Vibratory Platform Plate Shaker, P/N 544-12200-04-4


Custom Titer Plate Heater for Barnstead/Lab-Line Titer Plate Shaker Model 4625


Thermo Lab Industries LabQuake Shaker tube tubes rotisserie plate microplate


Cole-Parmer Large Microplate Shaker, 8 plates, 120 VAC


Lab line Instrument inc. Titer plate shaker model 4625 GUARANTEED


Lab Line Instruments 4625 Titer Plate Shaker with Holding Clamps


Cole-Parmer Small Microplate Shaker, 4 plates, 120 V 9 x 9 inch


Talboys Micro Plate Shaker 980178


Magnesium shaker head adapter plate, 26" round, 2" thick




Mikura Orbis 1.175 Single Assay Plate Shaker No.175 No Lid (L262)


Lab line Instrument inc. Titer plate shaker model 4625


Orbis 1.075 Plate Shaker 96 Well (2206A)


Lab Line Instruments Titer Plate Shaker Model #4625 - See Photos


VWR Scientific VX-2500 Analog Multi-Tube Vortexer Shaker Mixer plate microplate


Wallac 1296-002 Plateshake Microtitration Plate Shaker, works great


Thermolyne nutator vari-mix shaker microplate mixer plate plates rotator lab


Fisher Scientific Plate Shaker MS1 S7


VWR orbital shaker titer plate microplate micro shaking multi digital 12620


Mikura Orbis 1.075 Single Assay Plate Shaker No.175 No Lid (L262)




The Jitterbug Heated Microtiter Plate Shaker - Boekel Scientific - Model 130000


IKA Shuttler Titer Plate shaker Mixer Microplate Vortexer


VWR waver nutator digital shaker microplate mixer plate microplate rotator zq